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Becoming a Patron of my Artistic Endeavours

I would like to invite you to become a patron of my artistic endeavours.

What does this mean?

As a creative I have numerous music projects that I endeavour to undertake throughout my life to benefit human kind, from album projects, to feature films & the making of documentaries, to extraordinary road journeys that examine the human condition and consciousness itself, documented by music and film,

written, recorded and filmed while on theses journeys.


These artistic projects cost thousands of pounds to fund so that they can become a reality and although as an independent artist I currently personally fund all my recording and artistic endeavours with my own finances, to undertake them in a quicker time frame and to undertake the larger projects

they will need a considerable injection of investment.

A Patron of my art is someone who has the financial capabilities to help fund these projects and who wants to be part of a select gathering who want to see them in the world.

Some of these current and future artistic projects are;

Communication Heals the album
The continued recording of  Communication Heals

(which I am currently recording in stages and releasing track by track).

Amount neede
d to finish recording the album
£5,000 - £10,000 approximately

Music Videos/Mini Films
Videos/mini films for each song on the forthcoming new album Communication Heals, that I am releasing track by track, to help spread the message contained within the songs.

Amount needed to be raised to make 10 videos/mini films
£10,000 + approximately

Communication Heals Art Exhibition
The immersive Communication Heals multi media installation that I would like to tour around the world to help spread the importance of freedom of speech, truth and the deeper spiritual purpose for all.

£10 - £15K+ approximately

Let Yourself Be
The recording and filming of the next album after Communication Heals (which I have already written), that is selection of spiritual soulful poetic songs, that I plan to record in a residential studio, live to analogue tape, with a band that I am going to put together for the album, while the whole time having it filmed for a feature length making of documentary looking at the making of the album
, while also looking at the spiritual meaning behind the songs.

£30K + approximately

The Elle Camino album and film
A journey along the Elle Camino over a number of weeks, with a portable recording studio, a recording engineer and a small mobile film crew, with the songs being written while on the journey, examining the human condition, consciousness and humanities search for meaning.

£30 - £40k approximately

Becoming a Patron

While you are a Patron of my art there will be select opportunities

where you will be invited into the studio or other creative project I undertake to be part of the experience,

you will be given a special mention in the credits of any records I release (physical or digital),

plus you will also be given free entry to any concert* I play and receive membership to the Peace Garden.

 *This does not include private concerts that I am booked to play.

Become a Patron of m Artistic Endeavours

The first project I am raising the capitol for with patronage

is all things concerning my latest forthcoming album  'communication heals',

from the recording to the making of videos/mins films to the immersive gallery exhibition.

 become a patron of these project and join me on the adventure

£100 per month


£300 per month



£500 per month


£700 per month



£1,000 per month



I want to make a one off substantial payment towards Peter's creative projects this year.



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