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Peter Conway's unique voice and expressive song writing have been capturing the hearts and

minds of film makers, music supervisors and sync agents around the world, with eleven of his songs now featuring in nine original motion pictures, here are the films to date that feature Peter Conway songs.

All these songs feature on Peter Conway’s acclaimed compilation album ‘Soundtracks Volume One’.

Pleasure Island - Achilles Entertainments/Metrodome (2015)

 An official selection at the East End Film Festival, where it was nominated for Best Film, Pleasure Island is the brand new feature film by first time director Mike Doxford. It features the title song 'Pleasure Island' which Peter wrote for the film, plus also includes two other songs of Peter's, the previously unreleased 'If I Cal' and 'Found My Faith In You' taken from his album 'Stay', which features for over four minutes in the film in one of the key scenes.

For the films IMDb profile click here.

Jerked - What If It Barks Films (2014)

The film 'Jerked' is the controversial film created by the team behind the Peep Show. The film features the song 'Breakthrough' eight times throughout the movie as the build up to the challenge 'prank' scenes.

For the films IMDb profile click here.

World Of Hurt - SG (2014)

World Of Hurt is the crazy and one of a kind film noir/slap stick/gangster/sci-fi/comedy brought to the screen by screen writer, director, editor and orchestral arranger Simon Richardson (who also co- wrote and edited Pleasure Island) as his feature length directorial debut.

It features Peter in the film singing the song 'Lonely Tears (use your imagination)' taken from his album 'Stay'. Peter also co-wrote the theme song 'World Of Hurt' together with Simon Richardson that features at the beginning of the film. 

For the films IMDb profile click here.

Friends With Benefits - Sony Pictures (2011)

Peter's soulful reggae folk song 'Satellite' was chosen to feature in the smash hit summer Hollywood original motion picture 'Friends With Benefits', directed by Will Gluck and starring Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis and Woody Harrleson.

The song also featured on the official movie soundtrack released by Maddsion Gate Records and has continued to become a success since the film’s release with thousands of downloads and over 500,000 plays on YouTube and with the lyrics now being translated into numerous different languages around the world.

For the films IMDb profile click here.

Harlistas - An American Journey - La Banda Films (2011)

Peter Conway's powerful soul fuelled song ​'I Am Not A Yes Man' was chosen for and features twice in this new acclaimed American documentary Harlistas - An American Journey. This is a first of its kind documentary directed by award winning director Alfredo De Villa, This documentary sheds light on Harlista's fascinating devotion to the open road, Latino culture and the iconic American motorcycle brand Harley Davidson.

For the films IMDb profile click here. - Unstoppable Entertainment/Retro-juice Productions/Atlantic Swiss Productions (2010)

The original motion picture written and co-directed by BAFTA winning Noel Clark features 'Don't Look Back' a soul infused rhythm and blues song that was written by Peter Conway and Charles Shaar Murray, the award winning author, legendary music journalist  and respected blues man.

For the films IMDb profile click here.

Freestyle - Revolver Entertainment (2010)

For the independent original motion picture Freestyle Peter's powerful upbeat soul song​ 'I Am Not A Yes Man' was chosen to feature as one of the key songs in a pivatol Basketball scene in the movie.

For the films IMDb profile click here.

Gumball 3000 Coast To Coast - Control Entertainment (2009)

The song 'I Am Not A Yes Man' ​​features in this high speed action packed adventure. The Gumball 3000 Coast To Coast documentary movie is full of high jinx antics filmed during the 8 days of the Gumball Rally from Los Angeles to Miami on the worlds most exclusive road trip.

For the films IMDb profile click here.

 Love Me Still - Defiant Films (2008)

The acoustic love song 'Arms Of Mine'​ that later featured on Peter's debut album 'Mother World' was chosen to feature in the movie 'Love Me Still' by director Danny Hillier as soon as he heard it. It features twice in the film including in one of the

​key scene's in the movie with the late great British actor Tom Bell. 

​The movie also features two other songs of  Peter's ​'Chains' and ​'Honey'.

For the films IMDb profile click here.
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