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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe to subscribe online and will my banking/payment & personal details be safe?

Yes. I am using 'GoCardless' to handle all of the subscription payments.

GoCardless is a licensed AISP, GDPR compliant, and ISO 27001 certified,

who are a trusted partner for online payments, used by over 75,000 businesses' around the world

that offer security on your payments and data. Also, to give you further peace of mind, at my expense

the account I chose to have with them offers an even higher level of security,

so as to make sure your payments and data are safe secure. 

To read about who GoCardless are and to find out about how they keep your details safe, please visit:


How will the songs be recorded?
All the song's will be professionally recorded live in a recording studio or other spatially
engaging ecology, recorded with high fidelity recording equipment.


Will I be able to download the new unreleased songs, poetry and spiritual philosophy?
Yes, everything
will be downloadable from the Peace Garden Members Dropbox so you can keep it. 

The songs will be shared as WAV and high quality mp3 audio files

and the spiritual philosophical writings & poetry will be downloadable as pdf's.


How will I be notified and receive what's released to club members?
You will be notified via email throughout the month when new

creations are uploaded to the private members Dropbox, where you

will be able to download them.


How long will I have to download what's been shared that month?
30 days.

At the end of each month everything that was shared will be removed

and archived ready for the next month.


How will I gain access to the private Peace Garden members Dropbox?
ou will be sent a secret membership code at the beginning of each month 

which you will use to gain access to the private Peace Garden Dropbox.


Where and when will the 'Peace Garden' concerts be held?
Throughout the year, I will be playing pop up Peace Garden concerts in different cities around the world,

exclusively for Peace Garden members and their guests, these gigs will be announced via the Peace Garden member emails.


Is there a way to receive what's been shared with the club

in previous months if you subscribed after they have been released?
Yes, you can still receive what was released in the months you may have missed

before being a member by buying individual or all previous months missed, which will be made available upon request. 


How will I receive 10% off select items from 'Nothing But The Truth'? 
You will be sent a discount code that you can use at check out.



Subscribe and join me in the Peace Garden today

Do you have a question that hasn't been answered here?

If you have any questions that have not been answered here please email

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