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Welcome to

Peace Garden

Peace Garden is a private membership club for those that resonate with  the art that I create,

that want to receive new songs, poetry and spiritual philosophy, exclusively before its released anywhere else in the world.

Peace Garden

When you subscribe to Peace Garden you will receive;


​​A New Previously Un-Released Song (every month)

These professional recordings are exclusive to Peace Garden members

and are not available to stream or download anywhere else in the world at the time they are released.

Poetry & Spiritual Philosophy

From purpose and destiny, to forgiveness and knowing, every month I share my inspired poetry and/or writings of spiritual philosophy exclusively with Peace Garden members, before they are published anywhere else in the world. 


Additional Club Benefits

Peace Garden Concerts

Throughout the year I will be playing pop up Peace Garden concerts in different cities around the world,

that will be Free Entry and only for Peace Garden members and their guests.

10% Off

Select merchandise from my new music, art and merchandise store  'Nothing But The Truth'.

Peace Garden Subscription Fees

Affordable for everyone to benefit everyone. Because I want everyone to be able to enjoy and benefit from being in this club, no matter what your financial situation is, you decide what your monthly subscription fee will be. There are no tier structures of entitlement to what I share either. Every club member will have access to and receive the same, no matter what you pay as your subscription payment. If times are financially tough, pay what you can (literally), and if your financial situation is comfortable or your cup is runneth over, then make your monthly subscription payment accordingly That may be anywhere from paying £1 to over a £1000 a month. Based on what you can afford, you decide what it's worth to you, to be in this club, knowing that whatever monthly subscription you pay will go directly to me, the artist creating it, so that it can contribute to funding the recording of more records and other creative projects and endeavours that I will share with you and the world.

Set your own monthly subscription amount
Affordable for Everyone to Benefit Everyone

Please complete the form stating how much you would like your monthly subscription to be and you will be sent a Subscription Payment link for this exact amount within the next few days.

All payments are securely managed via GoCardless.

Read more amount their privacy policy here.

We will be in contact with your payment link within a few days

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A voice within


In my mid-20s in my then flat in Hampstead, while struggling with my mental health, I had a revelation when the song 'Consequence of Freedom' came to me almost as a finished song. In that instance, like alchemy turning a base metal into gold, the song healed my troubled mind, and although I had already written hundreds of songs up to this point, by the time I finished writing the song later that day on Hampstead Heath, I knew unequivocally

what my purpose in life was, 'to communicate the message that was communicated to me', 

and I set out on the path of a singer songwriter poet.

From song to song, and gig to gig, to being signed by a major music management company, record label and publisher, to going it alone and traversing the independent artist landscape, from struggling with my mental health and the adversities that come from being true to oneself in a world obscured by illusions, through to the depths of conscious awareness and heightened spiritual perception, to all my relationships in life and every one I've met and have come to know and love, to my lifelong love affair with my one and raising a family together,

I have always been true to a guiding voice within.


That same voice guided me to create Peace Garden.

A private membership club where I share new songs, poetry

and spiritual philosophy, that I am inspired to write on my journey in life. 

Conveying the message of truth and love, that was and continues to be, communicated to me.

All exclusively with Peace Garden members, before they are released and published anywhere else in the world.

I invite you to come on this journey with me."

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