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True Sound Productions







The ethos of True Sound Productions is to keep the sound true and honest. True to the voice, and instruments, the way they are played, and the relationship between them.

The most important element in this being the feel of the production, to keep it natural and serve the song, thereby making it a True Sound Production.


I work closely with the artist and the musicians/band, building a relationship of trust and care, so that they can be inspired to deliver a performance that is true to the expression within them and the song being recorded.


I love producing artists that desire to keep it real, so get in touch if you want to arrange a meeting to take things further.

Thanks! Message sent.

here are some of my previous productions & arrangements on Spotify






     INTO YOU             


Track Credits

Words & Music by Alexia Chambi

Produced & Arranged by Peter Conway

Mixed by Sean Read & Peter Conway

Recording Engineered & Mastered

by Sean Read

Alexia Chambi: Vocals, BV's & Acoustic Guitar Phil De Hovre: Bass  / Ben Thomas: Drums 

Sean Read: Rhodes


Recorded, mixed and mastered at

Famous Times Recording Studios,

Hackney London







Track Credits

Words & Music by Yoji 

Produced & Arranged by Peter Conway

Mixed Cenzo Townsend & Gary Bromham

Recordings Engineered by         & Russel Smith

Mastered by: 

Yoji: Vocals, Backing Vocals & Piano

 Peter Conway: Bass & Backing Vocals 

Tim Weller: Drums / Russel Smith: Electric Guitar Chris Colbran-Ingham: Trombone  

Sam Houghton: Tenor Sax

Andy Hall: Trumpet 

Recorded at Decoy Studios, Russel's home and Peter's home. Mixed & Mastered at Decoy Studios


Hayley tucker





Track Credits

Words & Music Hayley Tucker

Produced & Arranged by Peter Conway

Mixed by Angus Wallace, Peter Conway &

Hayley Tucker

Recording Engineered & Mastered

by Angus Wallace

Hayley Tucker: Vocals & Finger Clicks /

Peter Conway: Acoustic Guitar, Drums & Finger Clicks / Russel Smith: Lap Steel / Phil DeHovre: Bass / Laura Abella: Backing Vocals

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Far Heath Recording Studios, Northamptonshire, UK






call out

across America

Track Credits

Words & Music by Peter Conway 

Produced & Arranged by Peter Conway

Mixed by Peter Conway & Angus Wallace 

Recording Engineered by Angus Wallace

Mastered by Jon Astley

Peter Conway: Vocals & Piano 

Phil DeHovre: Double Bass / Russel Smith: Mandolin & Lap Steel / Drums: Tim Weller

Darren David James: Folk Acoustic Guitar

Katie Maddocks: Backing Vocals


Recorded & Mixed at

Far Heath Recording Studios

Northamptonshire, UK & Mastered at

Close To The Edge Mastering, Twickenham


PRODUCTION & Arrangement

The art of production and musical arrangement for me personally is the ability to prismatically visualise sonically the finished record. It's to hear a song or set of songs and instinctively know what fits that set of chords, melodies and lyrics. From how the vocals are delivered, to hearing the accompanying bass line and drum rhythm. From every instrument involved, what parts they are playing, to how it is played, so that tastefully with feeling everything fits within the dynamic of the overall production and arrangement. 

Sometimes I will know and create the exact parts for each instrument and sometimes I will want to unravel that with the artist and musicians involved in the recording. It is always for me about serving the song and vison I feel is true for that song. 

When working with singer songwriters and bands, as I am an artist myself I understand the desire to stay true to oneself and therefore always listen to what the artist/band themselves are looking to achieve.

In layman's terms I see my position as producer and arranger as analogous to a that of a director on a film. 

You will find a few examples to your left, to give you an idea of some of my previous productions and musical arrangements.


Mixing +mastering

Mixing and mastering are vital aspects in the process of making a record. As the mix for me is so integral to how I hear and perceive the finished production I often either co-mix the session along with the chosen mix engineer or will deliver specific mix notes for each track and instrument. When it comes to mastering again like mixing this is an art unto it's self and not to be taken lightly. 

I will recommend which mix engineer and mastering engineer is best suited to your project based on your budget.


Which studio to use...?

I work with a selection of recordings studios, depending on your budget and requirements, and if needs be will even turn a living space into the recording studio

(the brass section on 'SHINE' was recorded

in my living room). Whether analogue recording to tape, recording to pro-tools or logic, or a combination of the both, whether recording live in the studio or tracking, I approach every project individually.


If you're looking for a musical arranger to arrange brass parts, drums rhythms or the vibe for the bass line, amongst other things and/or want my expertise in working with the musicians as a musical director to bring out the best in them for the record get in touch using the contact form above.


I look forward to hearing from you



From the album, EP or single cover art or accompanying photography, to the story board and the directing of the music video, True Sound Productions is a dedicated creative force to bring your project to fruition.

  True Sound Productions is available for individual artists and bands, record labels and management companies  to artistically direct your finished imagery/cover art/photo shoots and music videos.


To discuss the nature of your project get in touch.

I have the team, expertise & passion

to bring you the whole picture.



True Sound Productions

Peter Conway



What can I say...I am a music man,

an artist, a songwriter, a poet, a musician,

a producer & arranger, a creative...

a human being.


I love music and even dream music sometimes...

What do you want to know...

I am not into social media, but do dig Instagram,

so am using it more these days.

I can be the life of the party but am also a private man.

I care deeply about music and life, and allowing

a deeper consciousness to come through music and art and

would love to hear from you

if my vibe is what you're looking for.

To read about how I got into production and arrangement click here.


One love


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If you're an independent artist or band then I have a 'no set fee' policy and work within your budget. The fees will be based on what funding you have available and the scale of the project.

If you're a label or management company and want to

hire me to produce an artist/band or for any other

service True Sound Productions offer, prices are again based

on the scale of the project and are upon application.

If you want to make a record together get in touch

using the form above.






Copyright 2023 Peter Conway / True Sound Productions


The video footage and photos on this production webpage is not actual True Sound Productions footage/images (except on the 'How I got into production page') and has been taken from stock images/footage from the website provider and is being used as a visual land scape.

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