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The New single Modern World

Out Now

They say you have to acknowledge a problem before it can get better and Peter Conway does this head on with his new forthcoming single Modern World.

"Politics these days is oh just a game and the people are the ones that are being played. It doesn't matter who's in power now anyway, without change the people will lose in this game".

Yet concealed within the poignant poetry is a message revealing that the light can get in, with the emphatic chorus line "this generation it has had enough,

it's plain to see this modern world needs more love."


Written, arranged and produced by Peter Conway, Modern World was recorded and engineered by the renowned Sean Read (Dexys),

and mastered by the legendary Jon Astley (Who/Led Zeppelin).


Modern World is the first single from Peter Conway's forthcoming new album 'Communication Heals', that is being released track by track, as a series of singles over the coming months, culminating in an artistic multi media gallery instillation later next year.


Written in response to a world coming apart at the seams, Modern World is a soulful, acoustic guitar lead, poetic call to action, that reminds us all that we all have a responsibility to bring about change in a world that needs more love.  

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