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Modern World
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Racism & Rockets
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Stream/Download  the first two singles from the forthcoming new album
Communication Heals 

Modern World & Racism & Rockets are the first two singles from Peter Conway's forthcoming new concept album 'Communication Heals', being released track by track over the coming months, which will culminate into an artistic, multi media, immersive gallery instillation, fusing music, poetry, typographic and visual art, along with audience participation.


Written in response to a world coming apart at the seams, offering guidance and spiritual wisdom, the songs are a soulful and poetic call to action, that remind us all that we all have a responsibility to bring about change in a world that needs more love.

"These songs are dedicated to truth, freedom, love and you,

for together we will turn the darkness into light.

One love"

Peter Conway




Modern World and Racism & Rockets were written, arranged and produced by Peter Conway

The recordings were engineered by Sean Read (Dexys, Rockingbirds) 
and were mixed by Sean Read with Peter Conway.

Modern World & Racism & Rockets were recorded, engineered and mixed at Famous Times Studios, Hackney, London.

The grand piano Peter plays in Racism & Rockets was recorded at Markson Pianos, London. 

The recordings were mastered by Jon Astley (The Who, Led Zeppelin) at Close To The Edge Mastering, Twickenham.

The Modern World and Racism & Rockets artwork was designed by Peter Conway

Peter Conway: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, bass and backing vocals

Maximilian Soderstrom Conway: Drum, shakers and shells (Modern World)
Ant Henson: Harmonica (Racism & Rockets)

Ben Cullingworth: Cymbal (Modern World)

Listen to the 'Our Modern World' Interview
on the Sunday Wire Podcast (main interview starts from 23mins in)

The interview looks at the meaning of new single 'Modern World' which raises some deep questions about peoples' reaction to the global pandemic at this crossroads for humanity, as well as discussing why some of the worlds biggest music stars of yesteryear who previously stood for freedom, remained either silent or complicit in supporting the pandemic, lockdowns and the covid-19 Vaccine mania and the rise of the new fearless independent music rebels who stand for freedom
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