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Vinnie De Stefano, National Organising Director of Assange Defense,

interviews Peter Conway at the two day hearing for Julian Assange

at the Royal Courts of Justice on the 21st of February.


Outside the Royal Courts of Justice on the 21st of February at Julian Assange's final extradition hearing, Peter talks about the importance that art and creativity plays in being able to expand the imagination to create a future we want to see, 

at this cross roads in humanity.


An excerpt from the panel discussion with Patrick Henningsen, Joseph Arthur

and Sean Ward, at the Jam For Freedom Festival on the 5th of August 2023

(The full panel discussion later aired on the Sunday Wire Radio Show)


A discussion where Peter talks about the opportunity that arose within the chaos of the times we're living in, that allowed people to recognise ones tribe in these troubled and polarizing times and the difference between belief and knowing

and the importance of seeking to know the truth rather than believing the truth.

Listen to the 'Our Modern World' Interview on the Sunday Wire Podcast

(The main interview starts from 23mins in)


The interview looks at the meaning of new single 'Modern World' which raises some deep questions about peoples' reaction to the global pandemic at this crossroads for humanity, as well as discussing why some of the worlds biggest music stars of yesteryear who previously stood for freedom, remained either silent or complicit in supporting the pandemic, lockdowns and the covid-19 Vaccine mania and the rise of the new fearless independent music rebels who stand for freedom 

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