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Glass Jar finds Peter Conway at his most organic and rootsy.

The soulfulness that has always defined his sound remains firmly in place, but is now joined by lyrical fiddle and harmonica that add a new dimension and harken back to the heights scaled by Van Morrison and the Band in the 70s.

Like all of his music, this sounds timeless and immediately resonates upon first listen.

Peter Conway is writing modern day spirituals/hymns, offering comfort and guidance in an increasingly unstable and disorientated world.

Dan Raza – Spirit and Roots

"An artist always prepared to walk his own path, to take an independent stand with his music, relying on its strength to carry him through, Conway writes words that build into illustrations ... with every song there’s a marked visual impression running behind the music and voice. The lyrics draw indelible pictures that reach the listener both aurally and visually."

Tim Carroll - Folks Words 

(Read the full review online here)

" of the most expressive, soulful voices of his generation.

Conway, for all the demand he attracts for soundtracking movies, is still something of an undiscovered talent. Every one of these songs, despite the part they played in the movie of documentary they were collated from, stands alone as a major piece of work. There are few artists that match Conway vocally and the rare few that do come close can’t match this artist’s ability to pair those vocals with their own compositions as Conway does. Showing all that makes Peter Conway so special ‘Soundtracks Volume One’ is really a ‘best of…so far’ ,and rediscovering this artist again has been one of the best musical events to happen this year. He’s not going to slip away again. ”

Malcolm Carter -

(Read the full review online here)

“Stay is an album that will sink into one’s very soul and open them to love even in their bleakest moments, Peter Conway has created an album that is needed for this generation and for many generations to come” 


(Read the full review online here)


“Spectacular...this album (Stay) is a piece of art work that will always be remembered.”

Sue Marchant - BBC Radio


“Peter Conway is a unique talent whose songs thread a line between Springsteen and Waites.”

Music Week


“Not a lot more you can ask of an album (Stay)”

Neil King – FATEA


"He wouldn’t look out of place among the current crop of Laurel Canyon’s bright young things... evokes Neil Young ere ‘After the Gold Rush’ while the soul baring vocals may appeal to Ray Lamontagne fans. One to watch”.

John Brindle – Maverick

“Sealed within ‘Stay’ there’s soul-deep, Americana-tinged lyrics that relate pensive longing, sensuous understanding, fiery defiance and a ‘street-wise’ acceptance that life ain’t always a bed of roses. This is rough as it comes, no adornment to make the message more palatable and overflowing with pure unadulterated, down-home truths – hard though they may be. Framed with stunning guitars that alternate from acoustic warmth to electric energy, echoed through soulful piano and the steam-hammer emphasis of precise percussion, ‘Stay’ delivers luscious melodies replete with irresistible hooks. And wherever you listen there’s that voice.”

Tom Franks & Tim Carroll - Folks Words

‘Stay’ Awarded Folk Words Album Of The Month

(Read the full review online here)


"Sixty minutes and not one second wasted, ‘stay’ is a beautiful experience...”

Malcolm Carter -

(Read the full review online here)

"Album of the year. ‘Stay' is one of my all-time favourite releases."

John Godfrey - The Troubadour Show



 “...Possessing a capacity to completely inhabit a song and put every fibre of his being into it that I don't recall seeing before except at the legendary soul singer level. Quite extraordinary, as was the effect he had on my audience.”

Kev Buxton - Kontra Roots Club Founder


"This man pours all of himself, every fibre, every sinew, every essence of his being and spirit into each syllable and note"

Tim Carroll - Folks Words Live Review

(Read the full review online here)


"He's my favourite singer... He's making music that many people won't realize they need until they hear it"

Charles Shaar Murray


“Peter sings with grit and grace”

Wills Morgan -


"His dark and brooding intensity is real. He sings and plays as if he is under a spell, it’s simply elemental”

Mike Butler - Metro

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